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MeetMarissa Barlow,creative director and photographer of Nani Swimwear.  Marissa has always had a passion for fashion and photography.  She recognized that other teens like her, were struggling to find trendy and comfortable swimwear for active lifestyles.  Using her talents, Marissa knew she could fill this need. 

As a young designer, Marissa has a unique insight into what teens and women want in the fit and style of their swimwear.  She turned to co-founders Amy Rasmussen and Janna Barlow to help bring her sketches to life.  Amy and Janna both have extensive experience owning past businesses and were excited by her vision.  

The Hawaiian word NANI, pronounced "naw-nee", means BEAUTIFUL.  Marissa and her accomplished team work hard to create swimwear that women will feel beautiful and confident wearing.   

Perfecting the "Nani Fit" has always been at the forefront of the company's mission.  What is the Nani Fit?  It is an athletic fit that you can hike, bike, or swim in with comfort and support.   This combined with trendy new prints and styles define the Nani suit.  All XS - XL suits are made with a built in shelf bra.  There are no removable pads shifting around inside Small details, like breathable mesh, make each suit special.  All Nani Swimwear is proudly made in the U.S. A. with high quality fabrics and standards.  

Nani Swimwear believes in living a Nani (beautiful) life.  This means seeking adventure, being kind, and striving to give back.   

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Marissa Barlow


Janna Barlow, Marissa Barlow, and Amy Rasmussen