About Us

Creating Active Swimwear for Adventure-Seeking Women.

Nani Swimwear is on a mission to transcend, innovate, and create high quality swimwear that supports, flatters, and keeps up with active women. Nani was established in 2016 when 17 year old co-founder and designer, Marissa Barlow, noticed a need for trendy swimwear made for movement. She joined up with Janna Barlow and Amy Rasmussen to form the Nani team, a strong, talented group of women with over 25 years of business experience.
The Nani Swimwear brand embraces confidence and strength. Designed with active women in mind, Nani suits are all about getting outside and seizing every moment, from surfing to hiking, swimming, shredding, and diving in head first. Their under $85 price point, durable poly/spandex blend fabric, and unique custom designs have proven a hit with the active swimwear market.
Nani is the Hawaiian word for “beautiful", and Nani provides swimwear that empowers women to live a nani (beautiful) life by seeking adventure, being kind, and striving to give back.



Janna Barlow, Marissa Barlow, and Amy Rasmussen