Human Resources Manager

To Apply: Send your application to

Job Title: Human Resources Manager

Department: Operations

Type of Hiring: Regular Part-Time

Pay Range: Based on experience + quarterly profit sharing bonuses. 

Performance Measurement: Employee Management, Conflict Resolution, Team Quarterly + Monthly Activities, Streamlined Team Communication, Weekly Team Meetings, Employee Hours + Wholesale Commissions, Onboarding, and Hiring Process

Schedule: Monday - Friday (20-25 Hours)

Experience: Human Resources, Recruiting, or Project Management (1 Year, Preferred)

Location: Smithfield, UT - Nani Warehouse


Our Opportunity

Nani is seeking someone to lead employee life cycle processes. This position will be housed in the Smithfield, UT Nani Warehouse on a daily basis. The future employee who successfully fills this position is the central source for receiving employee questions while teaming with the Owner Team to respond. This position organizes, plans, and executes the entire hiring process. Beginning with defining roles, posting and interviewing, onboarding, and continued employee performance + happiness. This employee will have a hand in ensuring the core values are exemplified + the company culture remains consistent through all employees. This position is overseen by the Creative Director, Operations Director, and Business Director.


Job Overview

 - Team Player: The HR Manager exemplifies being a Team Player through fostering relationships, managing conflict, and being willing to help a co-worker with a project. You go out of your way to uplift and motivate the Nani Team.

- Passionate: The HR Manager exemplifies being Passionate through encouraging all employees to be the best version of themselves. The HR Manager at Nani must be someone who is passionate about WHO makes up the company and all they do in their unique jobs. You want everyone at the company to #LiveNani.

- Assertive: The HR Manager exemplifies being Assertive through always being one step ahead of the next project, staffing challenges, or issues that may arise. You are able to jump in and make confident decisions that will solve the problem.

- Innovative: The HR Manager exemplifies being Innovative by always learning and staying on top of all HR policies and regulations. Keeping the team compliant and always trying new project management ideas to help the team improve as a whole. You are fueled by the energy of running an effective HR process.


Daily Job Tasks

- Manage the staffing process - including advertising, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding

- Ensure accuracy of payroll, and communicate with staff any policy or practice changes

- Encourage employees to live the Nani Core Values through their job duties, personal and departmental goals, and company culture

- Track employee hours and performance indicators

- Receive and investigate employee issues or conflicts bringing them to resolution through innovative + collaborative ideas

- Coordinate employee schedules, absences, and priorities to ensure ideal office and role coverage

- Stay aware of all employees’ projects, goals, and struggles - enabling them to be the best employee they can be

- Operate with a willingness to learn and stay compliant with all local, state, and federal regulations

- Share and receive feedback, and operate in a culture of being open-minded to grow

- Help the Nani Team create a time capsule of suits each year

- Meet with employees and owners weekly to ensure clear communication, goal setting, and conflict resolution

- Work fluently in QuickBooks, Slack, Google Suite,, When I Work, and Microsoft Suite

- Manage employee birthdays, benefits + perks

- Other duties as assigned


About You

- Positive, Approachable, Enabling, Extroverted

- Organized, Detail Oriented, Multi-Task, Discrete

- Passion for self-improvement—constantly improving your skillset and being strengths-based

- Ability to work in a fast-paced environment

- Ready to learn, make mistakes, receive honest feedback, + improve along the way

- Go above and beyond with employee + owner interactions

- Ability to self-manage, prioritize, and meet deadlines


Benefits + Perks

- Flexible schedule

- Quarterly Team Activities

- Free Nani Suits + Activewear

- Getting to work with the best #NaniGirlGang