7 Years of Living Nani

Can you believe it? It's been seven years since we started this wild ride at Nani Swimwear. Today, we're feeling all sorts of nostalgic, taking a look back at how we've grown and changed over the years. We'll be chatting about the memories, designs, and swimsuits that have made Nani Swimwear what it is today. So, toss on your favorite swimsuit, grab a beach chair, and let's kick back as we cruise down memory lane!

7 years of living nani


Our designer & co-owner, Riss, started sketching suits on post-it notes in math class at Sky View High School here in Utah! At the time she was 16 years old.

Swimsuit Design Sketches

When Riss approached her mom and family friend to start a new swimsuit brand together, Amy thought it was a great idea & Janna was skeptical but agreed to try it. She always asked, "are we really doing this??"
And so, Nani was born


In 2016, the owners took several trips to Los Angeles, California where they walked the streets of the Fabric District in downtown LA shopping for fabric, visiting factories, and picking out prints.

Fabric Swatches

3 words that guided the way through those first few years was "MAKE IT HAPPEN" as Nani navigated their way through challenges and hard lesson through the school of hard knocks.

Finally in the fall of 2016 naniswimwear.com launched

Original Website Look

Nani kicked things off down in Amy's basement. We rolled up our sleeves, tagged, packed, and sent those first suits to you right from her house!

Pictures from the early days of Nani


The first time the owners visited our factory in China, Riss thought it would be a good idea to do a quick photoshoot on the beach.

Turns out, in China, wearing a swimsuit in public is like wearing your underwear! We wrapped up and got our of there quick

Photoshoot in China gone wrong!


Phoenix Fashion Week! After six month of an intense entrepreneurial bootcamp, the owners flew to Phoenix for the final fashion show where they would announce the big winner.

Images of Nani Swimwear from the Phoenix Fashion Week ShowJanna, Amy and Riss were thinking about going home a day early until they found out they had to be on stage with all the other contestants for the big announcement, so they ran to buy some nicer outfits and tanning lotion from the local Target. 
As they were taking their sweet time getting ready, they got a frantic text asking where in the world they were! They walked backstage right in time to find out that Nani had actually WON Designer of the Year!

Phoenix Fashion Week 2018 Designer of the Year Winners


More trips to China to work with our factory on perfecting the Nani design!

Meeting with our Factory in China

Meeting with our factory in China


In 2020, we were invited to pitch our brand to the REI buyers at the Innovator Series, so we took a trip to Seattle to visit REI Headquarters. Nani Swimwear is now sold in REI stores across the nation.

Nani Owners visiting REI Headquarters


Our team starts to grow! 2021 began to be an exciting time for us as we welcomed new members onto the Nani team. Each new employee brought new perspectives, and ideas. Together, we are building a stronger, more resilient brand that is well-equipped to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of our industry and deliver our best.

Nani Swimwear Team Picture 2021

Trade shows are back! in 2021 we were able to go sell our suits at the MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas.

Nani team traveling to MAGIC trade show in Las Vegas


In 2022, not only did we launch NINE swimsuit collections but Nani also introduced our very first Activewear line!


Nani Activewear

In 2022, Nani highlighted our "I Am Nani" campaign, emphasizing self-love and body positivity, featuring inspiring stories of individuals like Ilah Hickman and Sarah who embraced their unique beauty and journeys.



Nani Swimwear engaged in outdoor adventures with our Girl Gang through Operation: Get Outside with Nani, and we adopted a trail for environmental sustainability. 

Nani team after their Trail Improvement day


Another year marked by the launch of nine new collections, and for the first time ever, Nani released swimsuits designed for you to "match your mini."

Match Your Mini

In 2023, we sold our first ever "mystery box" and it was a hit!

Here's to another year of rad adventures and cherished memories together. As each year keeps getting better and better, we are so thankful for your unwavering support. We look forward to creating even more incredible experiences and spreading positivity. Together, we'll make the upcoming year even better, celebrating the journey ahead. Thank you for being an integral part of our community and for making every moment unforgettable!

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