Why Nani Swim?

Nani Swimwear is what women want. We offer exciting new styles that are truly unique.  The Nani suit is fun and edgy, built to find adventure.  Customers love the high quality look and feel that help these suits sell themselves. 

We have worked hard to perfect the Nani Fit by focusing on the details. All our prints and colors are custom creations. Nani swimwear is priced competitively and will bring something fresh and new to what you offer. We are a new business with a ton of passion.  We have built an amazing Nani team to support you in every way possible.  We will do everything we can to create a successful partnership with you.  

We love to show off the built-in features that make our suits the best.   We are happy to schedule appointments to view our wholesalers kit and samples.  

Contact Jordin, our wholesale accounts specialist, at wholesale@naniswimwear.com for more information.