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My favorite thing about Nani is how supportive the tops are!  It is not easy to find a cute suit you can be active in.  I feel like I've hit the jackpot! I also love how durable and flattering they are. I've had mine over a year and it's still in great condition. I get compliments on it ALL THE TIME. I LOVE my Nani suit! Thank you!


Growing up I only had tiny swimsuit options so what I LOVE about Nani is that they are revolutionary; starting the movement of showing women that they can feel completely comfortable, free and beautiful, and in good hands all while swimming in the waves.  I LOVE YOU Nani!



I love how my Nani suit makes me feel supported and athletic.  I can do any activity in my suit and it is still flattering.  I used to hate shopping for and wearing swimsuits. But since getting my Nani suit, I'm confident and excited to go lounge by the pool, stand up paddle boarding around the lake, or hike to a beach.  Probably the BEST purchase I've EVER made!! 


I can't narrow down my favorite thing about my Nani suit because it's my most favorite suit I've ever owned!! It fits me amazingly, I love the quality and I can't believe how versatile it is! I have gone swimming, cliff jumping, hiking, paddle boarding, and everything in between. It has survived it all! I adore the designs and I'm happy to be supporting a brand that focuses on quality and its customers!  Thank you Nani!


I love how my suit makes me feel!  I have never felt confident in a swimsuit and I always felt too chubby to wear a two-piece, but these suits are the perfect fit! I can wear it anywhere! I bought mine for a family trip and didn't have to worry about anything falling out or shifting while swimming, diving, jet skiing, or flipping!  SERIOUSLY FEEL CONFIDENT! Thank you for making such an amazing suit that makes me feel like a million bucks!


I LOVE nani because you girls keep it real.  Just having a baby a few months ago, it was hard to adjust to the new mom bod.  But your Insta feed and your suits make me feel more comfortable in my new body! I can't thank you enough for having such great swimwear and models of all shaped and sizes!!!


I love Nani because it helps me to love life! Before my Nani suit, I dreaded pool days.  It seemed I spent the whole time worrying about my suit.  Now I jump at every chance to go swimming! With Nani all I worry about is having fun!  (And struttin' my stuff in a super cute swimsuit!)  Thank you Nani!!


I love that my Nani suit is so flattering!  I can feel in-style, confident, and covered all at once, which is so hard to find!  I was able to go swimming with my 3 mo. old and my Nani suit helped me feel confident.  You can't beat the quality and price.  Thank you Nani for helping me feel great!


I used to never go swimming with my friends, especially boys!  Mainly because I was so insecure about my body and I never found a swimming suit I felt comfortable in.  After purchasing my Nani, I've never been so comfortable and carefree.  I now can go hang out with my friends and go swimming without feeling so self conscious that I'd rather be home!!! I LOVE NANI!