How To: Feel Confident in a Swimsuit

No more holding back – this is your ultimate guide to feeling confident and your best this year. From poolside reading days to ocean plunges, we've got everything you need to know about embracing YOU and feeling confident. We've got tips and a mindset change that will have you owning the beach like never before. 

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Let us let you in on a secret, the best accessory for any outfit is your confidence.

Feeling confident in a swimsuit is about embracing your body and focusing on positive self-talk. Here are 2 tips to help boost your confidence:

  1. Choose a Flattering Style:

  2. Focus on Self-Positive Affirmations:

    • 1. Before heading to the beach or pool, practice positive self-talk. Remind yourself of your strengths, beauty, and unique qualities.
    • 2. Challenge negative thoughts by replacing them with affirmations. For example, instead of dwelling on perceived flaws, focus on what you love about yourself and your body.

Remember that confidence is a mindset, and everyone deserves to feel good in their own skin. Embrace your unique beauty, celebrate your strengths, and enjoy the time spent by the water.



Wearing a swimsuit can sometimes bring forth self-doubt, but here at Nani, we're all about rewriting those narratives and fostering a culture of self-love. It's completely normal to have moments of self-critique, but let's flip the script together. Instead of focusing on perceived imperfections, think about the incredible things your body enables you to do. Consider the activities that bring you joy, the adventures you embark on, and revel in the strength and resilience your body embodies. Embrace a mindset of love by appreciating your body for all it does for you. When those negative thoughts surface, counter them with reflections on what makes you uniquely beautiful. 

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There's no one quite like YOU! Step into confidence this summer and say yes to new adventures!

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