Sewn-in VS Removable Bra Pads

Let's settle the debate! Or at least explain why at Nani Swimwear our suits are made with removable bra pads.
When Nani Swimwear set out to make the perfect suit back in 2015, sewn-in bra pads seemed like an ideal solution—no shifting or folding in the wash and a sewn-in bra pad was highly demanded.
However, the design process, and customer feedback quickly taught us that women's bodies are well, different. Every woman has a unique shape and size, from high to low, wide to narrow, and everything in between. That's why Nani Swimwear opts for removable bra pads—they offer versatility to adjust and cater to everyone's needs.
For larger chests sometimes a larger pad size is necessary, and sewn-in pads don't allow for this flexibility. Similarly, women with higher or lower set chests require adjustments that sewn-in pads simply can't accommodate. Plus, some women prefer to go without pads altogether or use their own inserts, making removable pads the practical choice.

Lastly, if you are washing your suit the correct way, the pads are less likely to fold. Which lets face it, folded pads can be annoying. Hand wash your suit and lay it flat to dry to extend the life of the spandex fabric. Read more about that here: Caring For Your Nani Suit

Nani Swimwear suits come with removable pads to support and celebrate body diversity. Move those pads where you need them! Take them out if you want! Switch them out for your own. Do what makes you feel your best!

Our mission is to empower women with the confidence to rock swimsuits they feel comfortable in. Nani is the Hawaiian word for beautiful! Remember, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL- you are a perfect you.

The fit specialists at are happy to assist you with any questions. 

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