Spring Break Packing List

Looks like we're not the only ones in search for warmer weather! Whether you're traveling an hour away or to a different state we've compiled our essential items for a successful spring break trip.

Hot girls wear sunscreen! Protect your skin from harmful UV rays with SPF sunscreen. BTW did you know that Nani Swimsuits have a UPF of 50+?

Swimwear, of course. Look for styles that are comfortable, versatile and suitable for all types of activities, from lounging on the beach to swimming and watersports. Lucky for you, Nani Swimwear is designed with all of those points in mind. 

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A beach towel is a must-have for your beach vacation. Nani's Zayn Trekking Towel is packable and matches just about every Nani suit.

Girl with a beach towel

Not only do sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun, but they also add a little personality to any outfit!

Music! Headphones or a portable speaker, bring the good vibes with you anywhere you go. We've created the perfect beach day playlist so turn on this and enjoy those sun rays.

Don't forget to stay hydrated from all those hours in the sun! We recommend a reusable water bottle for sustainability measures. Bring a cross body bag to hold your water in so you don't have to carry it around all day!

Use our FREE printable to ensure you don't forget any of the essentials!


Spring Break Packing List


Safe travels & don't forget to tag us so we can follow along on your adventures!

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