The Confidence Project

Nani is the Hawaiian word for beautiful and together, we believe in creating a future where every single one of you feels empowered to live a #NANILIFE.

Since 2016, our I Am Nani Campaign has been about YOU, YOUR beauty and highlighting YOUR unique story.  In a world that often challenges our sense of worth, here at Nani we strive to empower women and lift each other up. Through personal growth and transformative experiences, we love hearing how you have discovered the power of confidence to shape your journey.

Inspired by the need to redefine beauty standards and empower women, the founders of Nani set out to create swimwear that was flattering on every body type for women. They were inspired by the reality that despite the excitement of summer and beach days, many women hesitated when it came to wearing swimsuits. Janna, Riss, and Amy recognized a gap in the market for swimwear that not only flattered all body types but also made women feel confident.



Nani was created, with a vision to design bathing suits that would not only fit well but would also instill a sense of comfort and confidence. The spark for the iconic "I Am Nani" campaign was inspired by the Nani Girl Gang. Each one of you in this empowering community has embodied the essence of Nani: celebrating every curve, stretch mark, and freckle as a testament to beauty. Through the "I Am Nani" campaign, Nani spotlights the Girl Gang, showcasing their confidence and embodying that every body is a swimsuit body.

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