The OG Modest Two Piece

In a world where trends come and go, there's one that's here to stay – the functional and practical Nani Swimwear cut back crop and color block bottoms. Some may call it "The OG Modest Two Piece" while others say it's "Their Favorite Swimsuit Of All Time."  We're here to let you know why the OG Modest Two Piece swimsuit is the real deal. 



The Cut Back Crop has effortlessly captured the hearts of swimwear enthusiasts for years, and has ultimately become a fan favorite. This innovative design seamlessly blends fashion and function, offering a level of comfort and support that rivals your favorite sports bra. The Cut Back Crop is known for the design, incorporating underwire-like reinforcement without  the usual discomfort associated with traditional underwire swimsuits. Crafted with great attention to detail, the Cut Back Crop flawlessly contours to the body, providing a flattering fit, it's a testament to our dedication to merging style and comfort, making every swim an enjoyable experience. 

The Nani Swimwear Cut Back Crop has solidified its status as an all-time best seller. With a remarkable blend of style and functionality, it's no wonder that this swimsuit has built a loyal following over the years. As one satisfied customer raves, "The fit is great and all of Nani’s swimsuits hold up so well when chasing a toddler around the beach! Good coverage, support, and material." Such great feedback speaks volumes about the Cut Back Crop's ability to seamlessly adapt to the demands of an active lifestyle, providing the much-needed support and coverage. This swimsuit has truly redefined swimwear, effortlessly combining underwire-like support with the comfort of a sports bra, making it a timeless favorite that stands the test of time.

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