Top 10 Bucket List Places To Visit

I don't know about you but we're dreaming big and making plans to visit all of these places! Get ready for a rundown of the best bucket list spots you gotta see. What's even better about this is that Abishai from our girl gang has made a list of her top 10 must-visit places, and let us tell ya, it's a vibe! This girl's got the lowdown on destinations that'll up your adventure game, we're stoked to share her faves with you.  

Top 10 Favorite Spots - Globally :)


For all my outdoorsy girls that have run out of things to do! I have listed my Top 10 favorite places to go! So grab you girls, your passport, and your nani suits so we can hit the road! 

  1. Innsbruck, Austria

Top 10 Best Bucket List Destinations

I have visited Innsbruck three times, and I have always come out astonished by the culture, decorations, and shops! The best time to go is late November into December because of their Christmas village. Local artists set up these tiny little wheelable wooden shops and everyone walks around looking for Christmas gifts or souvenirs. If you enjoy boba tea go check out ROYAL TEA right in the heart of the town. It is by far my favorite boba tea shop!

  1. Mcafee Knob, Pennsylvania 

Top 10 Best Bucket List Destinations

Grab your hiking shoes and your sunglasses because this is one of my favorite hikes! Located in Pennsylvania this hike is iconic to the Appalachian Trail and has an amazing view where millions of people take photos. Will you dare to sit on the ledge!? The photo below is from when I hiked it five years ago!!

  1. Whistler Mtn/Village, BC Canada

Top 10 Best Bucket List Destinations

Top 10 Best Bucket List Destinations

Whistler Mountain is a gorgeous place with an amazing village. If you love to ski then you will love their famous gondola that hangs taller than the Eiffel Tower to get you across the mountain. If you aren’t a skier then there is plenty to do in the village between shops, clothes stores, and millions of food options! 

  1. Sosua Monkey Jungle , Dominican Republic

Top 10 Best Bucket List Destinations

Sosua Monkey Jungle is an amazing experience where you get to learn about these monkeys that have been fostered/adopted. The best part is that you also get to have them climb on you! The worker gives you food so the monkeys eat it out of your hand or even better off your head! The little monkey’s are so adorable and all I wanted to do was bring one home!

  1. Benson State Park, Oregon

Top 10 Best Bucket List Destinations

This hike in Oregon is a gorgeous out and back, or loop if you prefer the longer route. You get to experience an amazing waterfall that is 620 feet high! The loop brings you through gorgeous passways, mossy ash trees, and multiple mineral streams! If you’re a big hiker then I highly recommend this hike! 

  1. Franconia Ridge, New Hampshire

Top 10 Best Bucket List Destinations

This iconic hike is pursued by thousands of tourists every year! The row of Lincoln, Lafayette, and Liberty are mountains all above 4,000 feet! The scramble up is difficult, however, on a clear day the ridge is absolutely stunning! You can see for miles in every direction. If you do hike this mountain, be on the lookout for good weather. Bad weather could put you in a dangerous situation, as it does for all hikes. 

  1. Virginia Beach/ Busch Gardens, Virginia

Virginia Beach is a gorgeous area with beaches that stretch for miles. The waves for boogie boarding are perfect, and when the tide goes out the search for sand dollars is usually promising. Every clear night make sure to head down to the beach for amazing sunsets as well! To add to your trip to Virginia the most amazing amusement park is just a one hour drive from the beach. Busch Gardens is full of roller coasters, chimney drops, and so much more! The park is huge, and it divides the area up into different countries. Each section has food that coordinates with the theme of the country! 

  1. Mt.Tremblant, Quebec Canada

Top 10 Best Bucket List Destinations

Mt.Tremblant’s little town is one of my favorite ski villages. They have an amazing selection of stores as well as holiday spirit! Each store is decorated with lights, trees, and ribbon. I highly recommend the boba shop, as well as the maple rolled on a stick. The Roots store is super cute as well! The mountain itself is amazing for people looking for a new mountain to ski at!

  1. Short and Long Sands Beach, Kittery Maine

Long Sands Beach is the first beach I learned to surf at! They have a super cute and cheap shop where you can rent wetsuits! The waves are perfect for beginners and there’s plenty of sand to play with when the tide is low. As for short sands beach, it’s a little drive from Long Sand Beach. This is the more popular beach for hanging out, swimming, and building sand castles! There is also a super cool playground right above the beach for kids to play at! There are a variety of shops that provide food, candy, clothes, and so many other things! I guarantee you will find a store that you will like!

  1. Encore Thrift and Coffee Shop, Lincoln New Hampshire 

Encore Thrift and Coffee is my all time favorite coffee shop that is mixed with a thrift store! It’s always so fun to stop by to grab a coffee and then look through racks of amazing goodies! You can find the nicest brands for the cheapest deals if you look in the right spot! There’s a piano that the public is welcome to, and fitting rooms for items you want to try!

Top 10 Best Bucket List Destinations

Shout out to our Girl Gang for taking us to the coolest places! From the festive vibes of Innsbruck's Christmas village to the iconic McAfee Knob hike in Pennsylvania, each destination is a dream. Grab your girls, pack those bags, and start making memories.

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