Top Swimwear Trends for 2023

Welcome to 2023!

This year at Nani Swimwear we have new patterns with classic styles + new styles all around coming your way. Our designers have been working hard to set new trends in 2023 and we're here to educate you on everything you need to know. We're so excited to make 2023 our best year yet and to tag along on your adventures!

Here's a look at our Top 5 most anticipated top trends for 2023

There has been an increased focus on sustainability in fashion, and this includes swimsuits.

At Nani Swimwear we believe quality is the first step to sustainability and that impact starts with how we operate. We work to continually innovate and improve upon our process from design to manufacturing all the way to your door step. We are committed to protecting the earth we love by manufacturing responsibly and ethically. Learn more about our Sustainability Intiatives
Did you know that Nani Swimsuits are made from a fabric created with recycled plastic water bottles? 

It takes about 12 plastic bottles for our One Piece Swimsuits, 8 bottles for our tops and 5 plastic bottles for our bottoms! Recycle your water bottles so we can make cute swimsuits!


You know Nani for our Bright colors and bold prints and nothing is changing in 2023. With new patterns and new colors coming your way in NINE new collections there's a suit for everyone!


Many swimsuits are made with high-tech fabrics that offer benefits such as UV protection, chlorine resistance, and quick-drying properties.


Bikinis and tankinis that come as mix-and-match separates allow people to create their own unique swimsuit combinations.

Dare we say the Mix-and-Match option is one of the best things about Nani Swimwear? We love to Mix-and-Match you love to Mix-and-Match, we all love to Mix-and-Match. 


Athletic, sporty swimsuits that can be worn for activities like surfing or swimming laps are popular. These swimsuits often have functional features such as built-in support or streamlined cuts. The Nani Cut Back Crop offers the added support of a underwire suit minus the underwire. This way the suit maintains it's high comfort high support appeal.

May we introduce you to the Cut Back Crop? You know, your friends know, your mom knows, everyone knows the most supportive and comfortable swimsuit is the Cut Back Crop. It's been tested, tried and proven to be your favorite go-to swimsuit for all things style, support and comfort!

Trends come and go but the support and comfort of Nani Swimwear is forever! 

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