what does it mean to be beautiful?

Nani is the Hawaiian word for beautiful. We believe that true beauty radiates from within. It's all about having a kind heart, being genuine, and treating others with love and respect. When you're a good person who lives a #nanilife spreading positive vibes, that's what makes you truly beautiful.

We are on a mission to empower women to live confident lives, and it's because of RAD people like you that we can accomplish this. We want to showcase women who are bold, adventurous, and unapologetically themselves.



our annual campaign

Helping women feel beautiful and confident has been our mission since the beginning. Our annual "I Am Nani" campaign has been a big part of that.


What does being Nani mean to you?


To me, being Nani is about being confident in yourself and excited to be who you are, where you are! Being Nani allows you to see the beauty and talent within yourself and use it to reach out to others, build them up and help them recognize their awesome attributes that they obtain!


When I think of being Nani, I find a deeper connection that is inward, particularly because of my heritage as a Polynesian. It allows internal reflection for a beauty that connects me to the amazing people that I come from, as well as the lives that have influenced my own in other ways. It moves me to carefully touch the lives around me in hopes of being that same warmth.


Being Nani is more than just a word that means beautiful. It’s a state of being where I see the beauty in myself, but also in those around me, I know that I can uplift and inspire others to see the beauty in themselves as well. To live Nani is to live a kind and generous life focused on feelings rather than on looks.