Best Swimsuits from 2023

And just like that, another year has come to an end! 2023 brought new collections, new designs and new adventures! This year we released mini's and so many new styles. As we wrap up the year, we're curious to know – which Nani Swimwear collection stole your heart? Vote for your favorite collection!

While we're here let's take a closer look at each collection and why it was our favorite!
Make Waves Collection Image
Make Waves was our first collection of 2023! In the year of Barbie we couldn't wait to get our Pink Fuchsia suit out there. The bright colors and bold patterns of the Make Waves collection quickly became customer favorites and we can see why.
Seas the Day Collection Image
 Next Up: Seas the Day! A collection inspiring our girl gang to make the most of every day. Put on the swimsuit and conquer that adventure! Our favorite swimsuit in this collection? Easy the Sea Floral Kids Mini 2 Piece Set
Surf the Earth Collection Image
Surf the Earth! A collection that’s ready to keep up with you and your adventures whether you’re riding the waves or paddle boarding on the lake! There's something about that bold stripe pattern that we loved and you loved.
Redwoods Collection Image
Introducing Redwoods, inspired by the natural beauty of Redwood National Park. The designs in this collection capture the essence of the towering redwood trees, the refreshing coastal waters and the lush greenery that surrounds you!
Great Lakes Collection Image
Suits that SUIT you! The Great Lakes Collection had something for everybody. But there was something about that Coastal Pine Pattern that we just couldn't get enough of..
Journey Collection Image
Meet Journey! Better yet, come on a journey with us in this video to see just how many good swimsuits were in the Journey Collection.
A collection made to inspire you to explore your own backyard! Whether you're chilling by the pool, catching rays in your yard, or taking a dip in the local lake, these swimsuits are made for adventures. No need to go far; your own backyard is the ultimate playground, and our swimwear is ready to keep up with your laid-back, adventurous spirit. 
Chase the Sun Collection Image
Suits designed to Chase the Sun! Our last and final collection of 2023 and to top it off we released our first ever rash guard with Chase the Sun.
And there you have it, Nani Swimwear's 2023 collections are out and have quickly become fan favorites and best-sellers. Whether you're on the waves or paddleboarding at the lake kind of gal, this collection has your back (and front!). So, grab your sun hat, throw on your favorite Nani suit, and go on that adventure. 

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