Maximizing Your Swimwear Wardrobe: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Pieces

Mixing N' Matching is our thing! Nani patterns and styles within each collection are designed to complement each other!
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Summer is just around the corner, and that means it's time to start thinking about all your upcoming adventures and what swimsuits you're going to wear! Whether you're heading to the beach, the pool, or just lounging in your backyard, having a versatile swimwear wardrobe is key to looking and feeling your best. But how do you get the most out of your swimwear pieces? With a few simple tips and tricks, you can turn a handful of swimsuits into a whole summer's worth of stylish looks. From mixing and matching to accessorizing, read on to discover our top tips for maximizing your swimwear wardrobe.
  1. Stick to a color scheme:

  2. We recommend shopping within collections, Our designers create each collection with mix and match options in mind, making it easier for you to mix and match your pieces.

  3. Experiment with different prints:

  4. Mixing different prints can be intimidating, but it's a great way to add some personality to your swimwear. Start by pairing prints with a solid-colored piece.

Girl carrying her surfboard on the beach wearing a 2 piece swimsuit

  1. Play with different styles:

  2. Mix and match different styles of swimwear, Cut Back Crops don't always have to pair with Colorblock Bottoms! Pair a Switch V Crop with a Colorblock Bottom to switch up the look.

Front View Studio picture of switch v crop and colorblock bottoms

  1. Focus on the details:

  2. Look for swimsuits with interesting details like textured fabric, cutouts, or funky designs. These details can add a lot of visual interest to your mix-and-match looks. Funky designs? We've got 'em check out our unique Switch V Crop design




There you have it! Mixing and matching swimwear can be an adventurous and creative way to make the most out of your swimsuit collection. With a bit of experimentation, you can create new and unique looks that suit your personal style and mood. When it comes to Nani swimwear, our collections are specifically designed with patterns and styles that complement each other, giving you even more options for mixing and matching. So don't be afraid to get creative and have fun with your swimwear this season!

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