Snowshoeing For First-Timers

The team at Nani Swimwear just found our new favorite winter outdoor activity, Snowshoeing! Here's out best tips and tricks for your first snowshoe outing, starting with How to Find the Right Snowshoes for You:
- Different terrain options are made for different snowshoeing conditions, such as flat, rolling or mountain terrain

 -Choose snowshoe size based on shoe size and weight

We made all the first-timer mistakes so you don't have to, Here's our list of what we wish we would have known before we went snowshoeing for the first time:
1.  Snowshoeing is A Great Way to Get Outside and Get Your Heart Pumping
We're not the only ones that feel better after spending some time in the sun, right? Snowshoeing allows you to adventure in the great outdoors even when there is snow on the ground. This low-impact, aerobic exercise makes it possible for the whole #GirlGang to join in. See winter in a whole new way when you take snowshoes on your favorite hiking trails.
2. Snow Boots Are a Must-Have
Just as important as the snowshoe itself, good boots are necessary. We recommend waterproof boots and wool socks.
3. Safety First
If you choose to venture away from a patrolled ski area, make sure you are equipped with the right gear. Always have a topographic map, compass and a GPS if possible, trails may look different in the winter compared to how you know them in the summer. 
4. Snowshoeing Doubles as A Social Outing
You heard it here first, snowshoeing is more fun with friends! This is a great winter activity for all ages and ability levels. Meet your friends at the trail and explore together!
5. Fun at a Low Cost
If the price of gear and lift tickets is holding you back from skiing and snowboarding, snowshoeing is the winter activity for you. Check with your local sporting goods shops for snowshoe rentals until you're ready to go all in. Poles are recommended but not required. 
6. Pack Light
Only take what you need and prepare for snowshoeing as you would hiking. Pack light but carry a couple of snacks for energy on the trails. 
7. Dress Warm
Our team was prepared with the Ascent Sweatshirt to keep us warm, but layers are key when snowshoeing. Gloves are a must have and a beanie to keep your ears warm should be at the top of your list. 
Hiking trails make great snowshoeing trails, but don't be afraid to venture off and explore new sights this winter! Snowshoes give you the opportunity to adventure to places you've never been before and see the great outdoors from a whole new perspective!

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