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In 2023, Nani Swimwear took the active swimwear world by storm with the launch of nine new swimsuit collections. Each collection has its own unique personality and story, designed to cater to the thrill-seeker and adventurer in all of us. With new designs that became fan favorites and best-sellers, it's time to stock up your beach bag and make waves with Nani Swimwear's exciting new collections. Check out all nine collections below.
  1. Make Waves - The Make Waves collection is all about bold prints and bright colors that are perfect for making a statement. 
    Lilac Beach: This dreamy collection is all about soft pastel colors and delicate details. the Lilac Beach collection is perfect for those who want to add a touch of floral to their beach look.
      1. Great Lakes: The Great Lakes collection is inspired by the natural beauty of the freshwater lakes. So many different coverage options with earthy tones and nature-inspired prints.
        1. Seas The Day: This collection has become a fan-favorite due to its comfortable and versatile styles. One of the most popular styles in the collection is the Switch V Crop, which features a comfortable and supportive crop top with a unique switch V design. 
          Surf The Earth: The Surf The Earth collection is perfect for the adventurous beachgoer. With sporty cuts and bold prints, this collection is designed to keep up with any water activity.
          1. Redwoods: Inspired by the towering trees of the Redwood forest, this collection features earthy tones and prints. Perfect for those who love a natural, bohemian look.
            Backyard Adventures: Inspired by our own backyard, this collection is made to keep up with you and your adventures!
            Journey: The Journey collection is all about exploring new places and trying new things. With bold prints and unexpected cuts, this collection is perfect for the confident and adventurous beachgoer.
            Nomad: The Nomad collection is inspired by the free-spirited traveler. With rad prints and earthy tones, this collection is perfect for those who love a wanderlust-inspired look.

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