Our Favorite 2022 Memories

A year can be a time of growth, change, and new experiences, 2022 was nothing short of that. We launched nine new swimsuit collections and our first ever Activewear line. We released new patterns and colors with new designs that quickly became fan favorites. You took Nani Swimwear to new heights and we loved following along on your adventures. 
We could hardly narrow it down, but here's our Top 5 Favorite Memories
A month is never long enough and we'll remind you all year long, how beautiful YOU are. We always look forward to our annual I Am Nani Campaign and 2022 was no different. It's a chance for us to highlight how rad our #GirlGang is, and this year we were able to highlight YOU and YOUR story! 
Our girl Ilah Hickman had us all feeling inspired and confident! Nobody said it better than Ilah herself, “Curves or not, booty or not, skinny or not, tall or not, everyBODY is a bikini BODY! I #LiveNani by working on loving the body I live in”
We were so lucky to have Sarah share her story with us! Sarah’s smile & energy is contagious⭐️ Sarah exemplifies being Nani through the high & lows, & finding confidence and love for herself in the journey! Learn more about Sarah and her story HERE
Your scars are beautiful! After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Jeni found the beauty of overcoming & striving in the journey and in herself💛 “Your scars are ridiculously beautiful to me, because it means you are still here with us” SO POWERFUL⭐️💛 Check out more about Jeni and her journey HERE
THANK YOU for letting us share your stories & for inspiring us this last year🌟 here’s to loving your body in every stage of life & empowering others to do the same! Oh and BTW, YOU ARE NANI💗🤩
The ultimate scavenger hunt! This year we had our first ever, Operation: Get Outside with Nani
Full of challenges and summer bucket list missions we loved adventuring with you all summer long. It sure was an Adventure Girl Summer🌟 and our #GirlGang wasn't messing around, 100% you made it one to remember! 
Thanks for hanging out with us all summer long, and stay tuned for 2023 adventures with bigger and better prizes! 😉
We adopted a trail! Our team had a blast cleaning it up and improving it this last summer.
Don't forget, you can make a difference in your own community by 
1) Pack in, Pack out
2) Leave No Trace
3) Stay On Designated Trails
Learn more about our sustainability initiatives in our post about Keeping Nature Nani 🌲☀️
No one rallies behind each other quite like our #GirlGang does. The support of our community has allowed our all-women run company to give back to our #GirlGang this past year in so many ways. We were able to donate $10,000 worth of sweatshirts to The Huntsman Cancer Institute and The Logan Cancer Center
In addition to this donation, we also donated $5000 in sweatshirts to CAPSA in Logan, Utah to support women escaping abuse. We will continue to look for opportunities to support women and give back!
Empowering women is not something that we can do alone and we feel so lucky to have YOU in our corner as we strive to change the lives of women everywhere.
9 New Swimsuit Collections were launched in 2022, but you voted and RAY was your favorite! Ray is full of all the bright colors of summer no wonder it was a favorite☀️👙

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